Rent-to-Own Consulting

With over 35 years of Rent-to-Own experience as both an owner and financial consultant, our Founder, Thomas Murphy believes in helping Rent-to-Own business owners or future owners succeed. Capital Concierges provides consulting on the Rent-to-Own industry. We can provide guidance on obtaining working capital, managing debt receivables, adding new products and programs to assist any existing or new Rent-to-Own business grow and prosper. Additionally, we have a solution to assist owners turn their charge-off accounts into ca$h!

Rent-to-Own Loan Advisory Consulting

Capital Concierges understands the unique challenges of obtaining financing in the Rent-to-Own industry and has worked hard to develop relationships and educate lenders on the positives of RTO businesses. Additionally, having a loan advisory specialist who understands the nuances of obtaining working capital or store financing for Rent-to-Own businesses, can ensure an owner stay focused on the business and not on the distraction of procuring a loan. Capital Concierges has working relationships with a variety of lenders and understands each lender’s approval criteria. We can accurately assess your company’s specific financial situation and borrowing needs, to find the best lender and loan option.

Rent-to-Own Store Sales or Purchase Consulting

Capital Concierges can assist business owners with selling their Rent-to-Own stores, purchase existing Rent-to-Own stores, or establish a new franchise. Because we have developed relationships with a large network of RTO dealers, we can help you capitalize on opportunities when buying, selling, or opening a new franchise. Contact us to learn how you may be able to utilize our large network to help you reach your business objectives.

Rent-to-Own Vendor Consulting

Capital Concierges can assist vendors interested in establishing business relationships with the Rent-to-Own industry. This unique business opportunity provides vendors with the ability to supply substantial amounts of inventory to the Rent-to-Own industry. Capital Concierges knows the market and the expectations of the national Rent-to-Own Buying Groups regarding customer service, competitive prices, ordering and delivery systems that can meet the supply demands. We can assist potential vendors with product selection, preparation, pricing, programs, and delivery methods.

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